About Kathy | Owner & Managing Director at A Better Life Mortgage

“This is what I want to do with my life,” I thought in 2007, when I was introduced to the mortgage industry after nine years of teaching elementary school. I have always “fancied” numbers and helping people, so expanding my acquired teaching skills into the mortgage industry was a perfect match for my future and I've never regretted my decision.

I grew up and resided in Central Oregon until late 2019. Northern Arizona is now my home with my husband, Gary. We have grown children and a dog named Zero. I also own a Nationwide Online Mortgage and Business School called Katalyst Kampus.

My Message to You...

Life is meant to be enjoyed and the HECM can assist Seniors in making that happen when it makes sense to use. This financial tool is not for everyone, but for some, leaning on the equity they've created can be a game changer.


A Better Life Mortgage will make sure you, your family, and your sphere of caring people understand how the HECM works, so making a decision becomes crystal clear.

My roll at the company is to give presentations to businesses that assist Seniors in any way, discuss the basic components of the HECM loan with individuals, their family members, or anyone they choose that is involved with their mental, physical &/or financial well-being that can help support and assess to see if the HECM loan will be of value. I have chosen not to originate at my company because I want to fulfill our mission to educate society, and to create the best experience possible for the Seniors we work with, my staff, and our referral partners.


Dan Higgins, is ABLM's Senior Mortgage Director and Loan Officer in charge of working directly with the clients, preparing proposals, and overseeing all loan processes. Please contact him for a quote or if your loan is in process.



Kathy | NMLS 255580


Dan Higgins | Mortgage Loan Originator & Senior Mortgage Director

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A Better Life Mortgage | Core Beliefs

Mission: To empower and support Seniors to make well-informed decisions through precise educational content with a variety of tools.

Vision: To educate AMERICA so everyone understands how the HECM works, so all people make a choice, a plan, and a decision regarding how this financial tool could be applied to improve their retirement years.

Core Values:

  • We put clients and their families first

  • We strive for excellence

  • We practice thoughtful communication

  • We work diligently behind the scenes

  • We work with clients at their pace

  • We are problem solvers

  • We actively listen with every conversation

  • We have fun while we get'r done